Navarra a Rioja a Castilla y León

 I crossed the Pyrenees June 2 and entered Spain with hundreds of other pilgrims, stretched out on a line like ants on safari! Luckily I’m not always walking with a crowd and each has the solitude of walking alone during the journey!

Having spent my first week in Spain walking through the province of Navarra, I arrived in Logroño during a festival, traveling a sensible 20 kms or under per day; that’s all I want in this heat (now on average nearly 30• C daily, becoming changeable however)

In addition, I actually like this pace, I take many rest breaks, drink liters of water and eat well! It’s a beautiful country to walk through and the villages are quiet and quaint, each with a small café or bar to sit outside and relax!

Today I’m taking a rest day in Groñón, since I’ve been on the move for 11 days without a day off! I’ve no particular schedule to keep, unlike some others who have planes to catch at the end! So I just take it easy and enjoy the whole experience of the Camino, which continues to be magical! 😊