End of stage 2…

Today I arrived in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, over 700 kms from Le Puy and the last stop before crossing the Pyrenees into Spain! I’ve covered a distance of 1,209 kms since leaving Lausanne and I will now take two days off…

…to recover from having overdone it last Tuesday, when quite inexplicably, as my eyes became glazed over having seen the Pyrenees up close and personal for the first time, and thinking I’d already arrived at the frontier, I thought it a good idea to go racing off like a cheetah! 😳

The result of which is tendinitis in my right leg, something I know a little about with my left leg before Le Puy! So lots of rest and arnica for a couple of days before starting off again! 😊 I will definitely  put the brakes on now…besides I am finding this Camino so enjoyable!


Half way to Santiago

A few days ago I passed the 1,000 kilometres mark from Lausanne, leaving me half-way on my journey! I am yet to arrive at the jumping-off point for Spain but I’m in sight of the Pyrenees! 😄

I’ve been travelling for nearly 50 days and expect to arrive at the border within a week or so!

Please keep following my progress and help me in supporting the animals at The Farm Animal Sanctuary! Thank you all in advance! 😃



One third to Santiago

Today I arrived in Figeac having walked 25 kms from Livinhac-le-Haut, taking me past 700 kms and leaving another 1,300 kms to go! Of that there’s another 500 kms before I reach the Pyrenees. So no rush…

Tomorrow is my bi-weekly rest day, so I’m keeping within myself and not overdoing it! 😄



Past the 600 kms post

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Espalion, a lovely old town with a roman bridge. I’ve now covered 600 kms since leaving Lausanne, way back on 4 April! 😊

I’ve met countless walkers, pilgrims and even cyclists, and it’s been a real adventure so far! More to follow as I head south-west towards the Pyrenees! 😄