A better environment…

The CaminoIn just 10 days time I will begin my trek to the north-west of the Iberian peninsula, a journey that will be a challenge both physically and emotionally. I have chosen to do this now for so many reasons, not least of which is to start a new chapter in my life, which in turn is starting a new chapter in the lives of those around me! But in order to create this new life I’ve had to discard the old life entirely;

I’ve quit my job, I’ve turned my back on material assets such as a car, I’ve saved every last penny and put it toward this project, I’m leaving behind the place I’ve called home for the last ten years, and finally perhaps the most poignant thing is I’m leaving those whom I care about and love. It’s a mutual agreement to be an experiment in alternative living, to show what can be possible ‘outside of the box’, to create a better environment in which to flourish!

My project has no definitive plan except the first part, walking the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela; and I am open to all possibilities including during the journey, it includes my wish to care for animals and to be self-sustainable. To this end I’ve made contact with a few hosts on Workaway.info and will allow the Universe to guide me in that ‘direction’. But even then I will leave all doors open to any possible scenario.

I have decided to write a journal (long-hand) during my trip, but I won’t be updating this blog as I did so in the Caribbean last year, I want to try to be offline as much as possible. However I will update my GPS position weekly and upload photos when I can, either here, through WhatsApp, on twitter or facebook…my media are all linked anyway! 🙂

I’m also taking the opportunity while walking to support a cause I care about. I’ve created a page on JustGiving UK to raise funds for The Farm Animal Sactuary. Please spread the word, thank you! https://www.justgiving.com/David-Karen