Reflections on my Dominica adventure

As I sit on my sofa whilst observing the rabbits out of one eye as they scurry across the carpet, crunching on the last morsels of their breakfast at the same time, I start to reflect on my time on the island! 3 weeks ago I returned from a most wonderful experience of trekking over mountain terrain, walking along never-ending pathways, talking to complete strangers as if they were my neighbours, viewing the sights and sounds of Dominica; and as I think back and sort out the numerous photos I snapped into memory, I think of those people and the changing circumstances they face following the storm which passed recently. But I’ve been in touch with many of my contacts, who tell me that although some parts of the island have been damaged badly, other areas are less effected.


One of my fondest memories takes me back to my time sitting on the veranda overlooking Castle Bruce Bay. As twilight falls and the colours in the sky turn from bright yellow to a light orangy-pink hue, the sound of bongo drums begins to float on the wind! It really was a magical sound and I used to sit there taking pictures of the changing sky whilst at the same time reading a book; then suddenly I would hear singing from below me in the valley, it’s the neighbour putting voice to the sounds of the drums! I later discover that he sings in Patois, a regional form of French and Creole language originating from the time of slavery. I must ask Curwin what stories these songs are telling!


But now that I’ve been back a while and had time to ponder a little, I have decided not to settle in the Caribbean. I think I prefer the changing seasons and would prefer to be based in Europe. That doesn’t mean I won’t visit again in the future, and I most probably will. 🙂